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Holonet Galactic News HGN (Between Episodes VI and VII)

Headline News:

Jedi Terrorists Attack on Coruscant

A group of anarchists struck on Imperial Center attacking and destroying Imeici Spire, a new COMPNOR construction project. We spoke to Durool Sedwyn, a member of COMPNOR’s Select committee:

HGN: What was the intended purpose of the building?

DS: It was to serve as a central installation for several branches of COMPNOR activities. While the ISB and Compforce had a few stations on floors within the building the majority of the building was dedicated to our SubAdult Group and the Coalition for Progress. One new program that was to be based there was to provide free infant formula for mothers willing to enroll their children later in our SAGroup. It also contained some of our finest Art, Science, and Commerce division representatives, many of whom died in the explosion.

HGN: Is there any information on how the terrorists were able to access the building?

DS: Security was not intense on the building site as there were no real targets. It is not a military installation nor were there any critical military, intelligence, or political personnel on the site. This was a cowardly attack on a civilian target.

HGN: What does this mean for the future of COMPNOR?

DS: We will have to temporarily disperse our operations. We are also asking the Emperor to grant the ISB additional powers to prevent an atrocity like this from ever happening again.

HGN: What about the perpetrators of the attack?

DS: We have visual ID’s on all of them. We are not releasing them to the public but all military personnel and customs officials have their names and images on file. We will prevent them from getting off-planet and we’re tightening the net on them as we speak.

HGN: Thank you for your time.

Security Increased in the Deep Core

The Deep Core of the Galaxy is navigationally dangerous and few travel there recreationally. Reports of strange planets and monsters keep turning up. Now the Emperor with the approval of the Senate has implemented a new security plan that will guard the Deep Core from seditious elements. Stating that several planets have been used as bases by pirates and rebel elements the Deep Core has been declared restricted.

There will be an increased military presence at all checkpoints and passage into the area will require special permissions from the Imperial Navy. All ship captains and shipping organizations with legitimate business in the area are advised to contact their suppliers and/or buyers in the area for them to request a license to enter the area. Through background checks will be required for all captains and crew passing into the area.

Hull Breach on Zel Sonn Station

The Balanced Equpped Animal Response (BEAR) patrol on Zel Sonn Station suffered a catastrophe when the patrol sighted what they believed to be a carnivorous animal. They cornered it on the observation deck and opened fire with pistols, rifles, light repeaters, and two missile launchers. This resulted in the death of the suspected creature but also a breach in the transparisteel resulting in the entire patrol and 12 others dying from vacuum exposure.

Recovery of the debris indicates that the carnivorous creature in question was a Quarren trader and that the BEAR patrol had a BAC level well in excess of the legal limit to operate a firearm, operate a moving vehicle, or even discern basic shapes.

With repairs still underway on getting power fully restored the Station administrator is believed to be about to place the Station under martial law and cries to disband the BEAR patrol are being met with cries that the BEAR patrol is now more necessary then ever and the BEAR patrol has continued it’s massive recruiting drive.

Conspiracy Theorist Taken into Custody for his own Safety

Maloor Numb, a Sullustan known for his wacky take on history was taken into custody by Mental Health personnel for his own protection. He is known for several of his crackpot publications, most notable of which are his insistence on believing that the Jedi Civil War involved the use of a titanic ancient space station fueled by the Dark Side and that in the aftermath of that war the Jedi were largely purged by a man who was cut into pieces and another who could supposedly eat the lifeforce of whole planets.

While largely dismissed as a kook, his latest book has prompted a lot of controversy, connected as it is with the more immediate past. His book insists that the Naboo blockade ten years before the Clone War was orchestrated by Senator Palpatine to build up popular support for him and that he is the one who crippled Chancellor Valorum’s ability to lead in order to prompt his removal and replacement by himself.

He weaves together a web of conspiracies involving a red-faced assassin supporting the Trade Federation and suggests he is tied to Palpatine. Then he claims that Dooku and Palpatine conspired together to create the Clone War in order to justify the creation of a large-scale military and weaken the Jedi. He then uses other information to attempt to concoct the ridiculous notion that the Jedi were not responsible for the assault on the Chancellor but that the Jedi discovered the Chancellor’s ‘plot’ with Dooku and moved to arrest him and the Chancellor then moved to eliminate the Jedi as a threat to his rule. This is ended with him conjuring up the old religion of the Sith and insisting that the Emperor is some kind of sorceror of dark magics.

He said in his last press conference before being arrested:

“It’s obvious if you put the pieces together. Why was there a request to repair the Chancellor’s office right after the assassination plot? He obviously used Force Magics to throw someone out the window. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!”

We hope that he receives the help he needs and can recover from his delusions.


Senator Organa has been deep in private meetings with fellow Senators and political leaders. Some speculate he is planning to introduce new legislation as nothing of critical importance is expected to come up for some time now.


New TIE Fighter game released

Now you can fly the Empire’s trademark starfighter in a campaign to protect the galaxy from pirates and rebels. Includes an immersive storyline and 7 military campaigns.

Free Gizka

Does anyone want any Gizka? All you have to do is show up and take them. There’s nothing else needed. Please take some. Take all of them. In the name of all that’s HOLY please help me get rid of these little cretinous pieces of…...I mean, nice household pets. Wonderful for children.

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