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Headline News:

Alderaanian Train Hijacking Thwarted

Yesterday, the Aldrete family hovertrain’s maiden voyage was marred by an attempted hijacking. A group of Trandoshan bounty hunters led an assault with a medium transport and a pair of starfighters. A group of them boarded the train and began a campaign of robbery while seeking Senator Organa, a respected member of the Imperial Senate.

While the attack was swift and intense the attack was thwarted by a group of the train’s guests. Interviews with those present agree only that there were a variety of aliens amongst the group and that they were well-trained. Some suspected they were vigilantes. Some suggested they were Aldrete family bodyguards.

We were able to get an interview with Morrax Nabin, Imperial Governor of Alderaan, who was present during the event:

HGN: Governor, what exactly happened?

Nabin: A group of Trandoshans, filthy beasts, attacked the train claiming they were after Senator Organa. I knew Organa was not on board and since the only armed personnel allowed were my elite bodyguard I took action to save as many people as I could. I was in the casino playing holochess when the alarm sounded and I rushed the guests into the cashier’s box, an armored area, and had my guard detail take up defensive positions. My attempts to call for help were foiled by the nature of the train itself.

HGN: What were the attackers like?

Nabin: The Trandoshans came into the car and their leader led a squad while one of the horrid things started looting. They then brought in a large droid with several military grade repeaters built into it. It began blasting the cashier area wall to force it’s way in. My detail returned fire.

HGN: Did they succeed?

Nabin: They did mostly minor damage. I should mention that the droid was impressively armored against blaster fire. I intend to look more closely into regulations on combat droids. No one should have access to such a killing machine. The Clone Wars taught us the danger or war droids.

HGN: Yet you survived; what happened?

Nabin: A group of guests that I’d met earlier rushed in. One of them is an accomplished holochess player, his use of the Rieekan defense reminded me of a game I once played against Emperor Palpatine. In any case, they came in wielding what I assume were weapons captured from the boarders. A sharpshooter brought a holoprojector down on the droid’s head and a trained Wookie dismantled the war droid in hand to hand combat.

HGN: There are many theories about who they are out there amongst the guests we’ve spoken to. Who do you think they were?

Nabin: They were on Senator Organa’s senior staff or at least that was their cover. I believe they work for Imperial Intelligence and were placed on the train due to intel leading them to suspect such a raid. If not Intelligence, they are part of the Empire. I know Senator Organa and know I’ve never seen any of these people on his staff. Realizing who they were, I assigned my detail to assist them in retaking the train while I kept the rest of the guests calm.

HGN: What followed?

Nabin: The Intelligence squad retook another car and my detail died in the service of the Empire. They decoupled the rear cars and took down the rest of the boarders and their ships and escaped on another ship. They are truly examples of the best the Empire has to offer. With people like this dedicated to keeping us safe I have no fear for the future. I offered to bestow awards on these operatives for their brilliant handling of the situation but so far I have been unable to locate them. I assume they have to keep their identities secret but if they’re reading this they can contact me and I will be glad to reward them the Nova Star medal for their efforts.

Terrorist Attack on Theed Palace

Lord Vader discovered a terrorist plot to bring down the Naboo government led by Jedi traitors. The 501st Legion was dispatched to the palace and admirably reclaimed it despite overwhelming odds. The Jedi behind the plot were killed before they could flee the site due to the quick thinking of the 501st.

We are saddened to report that Queen Apailana died in the battle before Imperial forces could rescue her. Queen Kylantha will succeed her and the Empire has placed a permanent garrison of troops on the planet to prevent such a travesty from occurring again.

Krayt Dragon Carcass discovered on Tatoine

A complete greater krayt dragon corpse was found on Tatooine in the dunes. It seems some hunter or group of hunters brought the beast down. The famed pearls were taken by the hunters but the corpse is in remarkably good condition. Taxidermists are being sought to preserve the beast. The finder sold the corpse to the Coruscant Xenozoology Museum where it will be placed in their Fierce Predators of the Galaxy exhibit.


COMPNOR Gala at Ahto City

Representatives of COMPNOR are meeting at the recently refurbished resort on Ahto City to discuss the future of the organization. Key issues being discussed are the training of youth in Compnor’s SA program, agreeing on equipment suppliers for expansion of COMPFORCE units, and expansion of ISB powers.


Pazaak Making Come Back

Since being featured in the holodrama, “Gardulla, Queen of the Desert” Pazaak has made a comeback in recent months. Long the ill-favored forerunner of Sabaac, official Pazaak card sales are on the rise. While fans debate the value of + vs. – cards, tournaments are popping up all over the place. Even more intriguing, hunts for the one of a kind tiebreaker card continue. Something of a quest for Pazaak fanatics the card is unique and allows you to win a tie. The card was held thousands of years ago by a Chadra-fan known as the Champ and was subsequently won by a mysterious female on Nar-Shadda. Since then appearances of the card crop up as enthusiasts follow the legends to find the elusive card.


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HGN Gem of Alderaan

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